About Alana

Ms. Alana Perlin's artwork focuses on the intersection of technological art and traditional media. She is an Art Professor in California. Ms. Perlin completed her MFA candidacy in Digital Arts | New Media at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

     After graduating from UCLA's Design | Media Arts department with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Ms. Perlin worked around the world as an artist, teacher, and researcher. Her past projects include digital imagery and database design for the Easter Island Statue Project in Chile and the Farfan Archaeological excavation in Northern Peru. Additionally, her contributions are featured in a 2014 book publication, Captured Visions, through a photographic survey of Native American Rock Art in California's Eastern Sierras.

     Ms. Perlin has exhibited in numerous art shows including a Participatory Art installation at the San Jose Museum of Art and galleries in the Bay Area and Central Valley. Recently, her renditions of the Big Bang and universal cosmic forces were selected for an Art/Science exhibition at the New York Hall of Science. Additionally, she has been commissioned by Turbulence dot org and participated in several art residencies at I-Park. She's now delving into the world of rapid prototyping with a Summer 2015 - Fall 2015 residency at the Digital Fabrication Studio. 

Painterly Portraits from 2015

Sultry female figures become interrupted, their painterly continuity shattered by randomly generated software shards. Female flaneur hearkens back to the origins of technologically mediated art forms such as photography and film. The visually incongruous nature of my custom software underscores technology as an inherently ruinous force. Beyond the painstakingly rendered images of women, my shard software exists as a force of its own accord without a large expenditure of labor to fabricate the individual frames. 






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